Drama Year 9

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr A. Leathem

Drama at Year 9 level introduces the students to the basic drama skills such as confidence in speaking and moving, co-operation, trust and concentration. Students will participate in activities that will allow them to explore the use of space, movement, body and voice. They will also be introduced to basic technology associated with the theatre and dramatic production. The main aim of Drama at this level is to give the students a taste of all the features of Drama. The students will have the opportunity to give a performance as an individual and in small groups. 

This course is a semester (6 month) based course 


Course Overview

Term 1
09DRA001 Using Improvisation in a dramatic context

This assessment is an introduction to improvisation and how it is used in Drama. This assessment will take place over 4-5 weeks and require you to develop an understanding of “The Building Blocks of Improvisation” and “The Key to Improvisation”.

There will be a range of Drama activities used to help develop your skills in improvisation. These activities will involve you participating and contributing to a group in order to complete the assessment.

09DRA002 Use Features of a Theatre Form in Performance

This assessment activity requires you to create and perform a short scene based on one of the 12 Labours of Herakles

You will work in a group of 2–5, but you will be assessed individually for the contribution to the group and performance.

The activity will take place over 6-8 weeks of class time.
You will be assessed on how well you use features of Greek Theatre in your performance. Your supporting document(s) are necessary for achievement but they do not constitute evidence to support attainment for higher levels of achievement.

By the end of the assessment you will be assessed on your improvisation skills and your understanding of “The Building Blocks of Improvisation” and “The Key to Improvisation”. This will be done in a performance in front of an audience.

Term 2
09DRA003 Demonstrate Understanding of Comedy in Drama

This assessment introduces students to the aspects of comedy in Drama. The aim of this assessment is help students understand what skills can be learnt to create humour through performance.

Students will develop an understanding of the use of body language through comedy and how “actions can speak louder than words”. This will be done through the understanding of different styles of comedy.
This assessment will take place over 4-5 weeks and challenge you in creating comedic work that reflects an understanding of the aspects of comedy. All work done in class with consist of group work and you will be required to actively participate.

There will also be opportunities to continue with aspects of Improvisation from the previous assessment to help develop further understanding of comedy in Drama.
You and your will create a 3-4 minute comedic performance based on one of different styles of comedy for an audience of your peers.

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