English for Speakers of Other Languages is a subject that provides language-focused curriculum support for students who speak languages other than English, or students who need additional support in the different areas or Reading, Writing, Listening or Speaking. It provides such students with pathways to English literacy for NCEA and University Entrance.

Courses are not year level based and responsive to individual student needs, drawing on two New Zealand curriculum learning areas: English and Learning Languages. 

The courses provide an alternative pathway for English language learning students to Level 1 and 2 literacy and University Entrance through the assessment of Levels 1 and 2 English achievement standards and/or Unit Standards.

The aims of the ESOL courses is for the students to succeed through the development of:

  • vocabulary knowledge and understanding
  • understanding of text purpose
  • language ability
  • understanding and awareness of the relationship between content and language

Those wishing to take this course mus organise an interview with Mr Rowe who will assess your needs based on Reading, Writing, Listening and / or Speaking data.

Courses in this Learning Area