Drama Level 2

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr A. Leathem

Recommended Prior Learning

Open Entry, however, it is recommended that you would have achieved the following:
15 Credits Level 1 Drama
12 Credits Level 1 English

This course is a continuation of the skills learnt in Level One and is aimed at developing those skills into further understanding of drama in and around conventions, elements and techniques. Topics covered in this course cover; Epic Theatre and Brecht, Devising and Comedy.
Drama students are able to tell stories, express their identity, and challenge the status quo. They explore and manipulate ideas and take creative risks. They share, rework, construct, and deconstruct work that is dynamic and evolving.

Course Overview

Term 1
AS91216 2.4 "Use complex performance skills associated with a drama or theatre form or period." - 4 credits - Internal

This assessment activity requires you to use complex performance skills associated with the physical and historical conventions of Epic theatre in an extract from a play written during this period.
You will perform individually or in groups of two or three but will be assessed individually. The performance will be filmed.
You will be assessed on how effectively you use complex performance skills associated with Epic theatre.
To meet the requirements of this standard, you will be expected to perform in a Brechtian style.

Term 2
AS91214 2.2 "Devise and perform a drama to realise an intention." - 5 credits - Internal

This assessment activity requires you to devise and perform an original drama based on a topic or theme that arises from a study of social injustice, using drama elements and conventions. .
This activity will take place over six weeks of in-class and out-of-class time. Your teacher will advise you of the due date.
You will work in small groups but you will be assessed individually.
You will need to actively participate in the devising and performing of the drama in order to achieve this standard.
You will supply a statement of intention and devised drama outline or script to support the final drama.
In your performance you need only basic or simple technology to support or enhance your use of elements and conventions.
You will be assessed on how coherently and effectively your devised drama realises your intention in performance.

AS91220 2.8 "Script a scene suitable for drama performance." - 4 credits - Internal

This assessment activity requires you to script a scene suitable for performance.
The assessment task has two parts:
• to develop and write a script of a scene between six and ten minutes long, for two or three characters
• to present it in a rehearsed, enacted reading, which will be recorded.
You will create and script your scene individually – this is not a group task.

Term 3
AS91213 2.1 'Apply drama techniques in a scripted context." - 4 Credits - Internal

In this assessment activity you are required to apply (select and use) drama techniques to communicate an intention for a scripted context. You will need to communicate role, relationships and situation and explore character motivation and subtext.

Your teacher will have introduced you to a range of ways to use drama techniques to convey the intention of an open script You will participate in a range of development exercises that will help you interpret your chosen script before you rehearse and present your final performance. Your teacher will tell you when your performance deadline is at the beginning of this process.

You will work in a group of 2-4 and your performance should be approximately 3-6 minutes in length, depending on the number of people in your presentation. Your scene should provide the opportunity for everyone to demonstrate the application of drama techniques in a sustained, truthful and convincing manner. You will work in and out of class to develop your performance, and will present your performance to the class. Within your group, you must develop your own interpretation and independently select appropriate techniques, which means that your teacher or other student directors are not permitted to direct you in this work. While you will need to work co-operatively to rehearse the script, you will be assessed individually on your performance.

You will be assessed on your ability to select and use voice, body, movement and use of space to convey the intention of the script through the interpretation of your role, relationships and situation. In addition to your performance you will need to submit an annotated script and a brief statement of context in order to support and clarify your application of drama techniques that convey your interpretation of the script.

Term 4
AS91215 2.3 "Discuss a drama or theatre form or period with reference to a text." - 4 credits - External

This external assessment examination requires you to display an understanding of a drama/theatre form that has been studied during the year (2.4 Internal Assessment). You will be asked to comment on the features of that drama/theatre form and give examples of how these features are/can be used in a performance. You will also be asked to discuss a drama or theatre form or period with reference to a text involves describing drama or theatre form or period using relevant detail, including knowledge of the history and features of the drama or theatre form. Discussion will include reference to the key features of the theatre form or period.

Learning Areas:



Classics Level 3, Drama Level 3, Media Studies Level 3

Career Pathways

Model, Private Teacher/Tutor, Entertainer, Television Presenter, Film/Television Camera Operator, Counsellor, Minister of Religion, Systems Administrator, Actor, Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage), Radio Presenter, Media Producer, Production Assistant (Film, Television, Radio or Stage), Art Director (Film, Television or Stage), Artistic Director, Film and Video Editor, Author, Dancer