English Level 2

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr P. Houlahan

Recommended Prior Learning

Open Entry, however, it is recommended that you would have achieved the following:
• Passes in the external standards 1.1 or 1.3 in NCEA Level 1 English.
• Passes in the internal standards1.5 and 1.8 in NCEA Level 1 English
• You may be required to re-sit any internal standards not passed in Level 1.

At Level 2 English, students are required to respond on a deeper level to the texts they are studying. They have more choice around texts they might engage with than they did in Level 1, but with this choice comes greater responsibility to ask deeper questions, think harder and longer about what a text is saying to them, and respond in a more mature way to those texts. Texts students may encounter at Level 2 include classics such as To Kill a Mockingbird or Catcher in the Rye or Shakespeare along with modern books like Mister Pip or visual texts such as Snowpiercer or Hacksaw Ridge. There is a continued emphasis on accuracy with written work, and also the scope for boys to read more widely than they perhaps ever have.

There is a very important research standard at Level 2 which allows students to develop their skills around independant study. 

Course Overview

Term 1
ONE 1 Jan 27 Year 8-11 in class from Wednesday onwards AUCKLAND ANNIVERSARY 27th
2 Feb 3 Course outline, structure, overview, AS 2.9 intro, choose extended and short text LIBRARY visit WAITANGI DAY THURS 6th
3 Feb 10 AS 2.2: Introduce text, begin viewing
4 Feb 17 2.2: Finish viewing, begin analysis INAUGURAL MASS Mon 17th
ATHLETICS DAYS 20th & 21st
5 Feb 24 2.9 LOGs intro and teach, exemplars, drafts ASH WED. LITURGIES Wed 26th
6 Mar 2 AS 2.9: LOG one in class
7 Mar 9 Begin LOG two
8 Mar 16 AS 2.9: LOG two in class
9 Mar 23 2.2: Analysis plus essay skills
10 Mar 30 2.2: Analysis plus essay skills
11 Apr 6 AS 2.2: Formal essay in class (folio piece #1) GOOD FRIDAY

Term 2
TWO 1 Apr 27 2.4: Intro, Skills, exemplars, start draft ANZAC DAY OBS
2 May 4 2.4: Skills, editing, grammar
3 May 12 2.4: (folio piece) diary/obituary/review/letter LISTON DAY
4 May 18 2.4: (folio piece ) DUE this week
5 May 25 AS 2.9: LOG Three
6 June 1 AS 2.9: LOG Three due QUEENS BIRTHDAY
7 June 8 AS 2.9: LOG Four
8 June 15 AS 2.9: LOG Four due
9 June 22 AS 2.9: LOG Five
10 June 29 AS 2.9: LOG Five due

Term 3
July 20 AS 2.9: LOG Six DUE8: Intro and brainstorm
July 27 AS 2.8: Intro, brainstorm, completeComplete logs
Aug 3 AS 2.8: Begin draft
Aug 10 AS 2.8: Draft feedback
Aug 17 AS 2.8: Final copy DUE
Aug 24 2.4: Final drafts2.2 OR 2.3: Exam revision
Aug 31 2.4: 2.4 – feedback and final copies2.2/2.3: Exam revision
Sept 14 EXAM Prep2.4: Final draft feedback WORK DAY
Sept 21 EXAM WEEKAS 2.4: Final folio DUE

Term 4
1 Oct 12 INTERNALs catch up
2 Oct 19 EXAM prep
Prize Giving 28th & EOY Mass 29th
4 Nov 2 INTERNALs/EXAM prep
5 Nov 9 EXAM prep – final week FINAL Mass 9th Nov Prize giving 10 Nov.
6 Nov 16

Learning Areas:



Classics Level 3, Drama Level 3, English Level 3, Media Studies Level 3

Career Pathways

Survey Interviewer, Policy Analyst, Private Teacher/Tutor, Probation Officer, Youth Worker, Real Estate Agent, Recruitment Consultant, Secondary School Teacher, Social Worker, Teacher Aide, Television Presenter, Film/Television Camera Operator, Intelligence Officer, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Case Manager, Career Consultant, Elected Government Representative, Psychologist, Trainer, Journalist, Community Development Worker, Technical Writer, Legal Executive, Editor, Solicitor, Corrections Officer, Judge, Curator, Actor, Advertising Specialist, Copywriter, Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage), Radio Presenter, Workplace Relations Adviser, Personal Assistant, Early Childhood Teacher, Human Resources Adviser, Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Archivist, Media Producer, Production Assistant (Film, Television, Radio or Stage), Art Director (Film, Television or Stage), Artistic Director, Barrister, Author, Funeral Director/Embalmer, Primary School Teacher, Librarian, Library Assistant