Te Reo

Why learn Te Reo Māori?

Māori is one of the three official languages of New Zealand and as such is an integral part of our culture.

You just need to turn on a television or a radio these days to realise that the Māori language is everywhere. It is being used in the media, it is being used in the community. It is unique and holds a special place in the New Zealand Curriculum.

 There are numerous reasons to learn Māori including personal enjoyment and / or career requirements. By learning Te Reo Māori and becoming increasingly familiar with the customs and history, Māori students will strengthen their sense of identity and non-Māori will journey towards shared cultural understanding.

Whatever the reason may be, learning Māori provides great satisfaction, a greater connection with New Zealand and an enhanced understanding of our culture and society

How will students learn Te Reo Māori?

Students develop their competence using four key language skills in a wide range of settings and situations.

The skills are; whakarongo(listening), kōrero (speaking), pānui (reading), tuhituhi (writing).