Choosing your Options

When choosing subjects there are a number of factors that should be borne in mind. But no single factor should dictate the choice that is made. Thus, for example, subjects should not be chosen only on the basis that they are the easiest of choices. Such a basis of choice may well prove to be the worst in the event of seeking a place at university or technical college. On the other hand some subjects are just too difficult for some students and to pursue the subject only to fail dismally is not choosing wisely.

In choosing subjects some questions that should be asked are:

  1. does the subject fit the career the student wishes to follow
  2. can the student cope with the subject
  3. is the subject one that appeals to the student
  4. can the subject be taken in subsequent years
  5. is there an advantage to the taking of this subject beyond the purely "useful"

In making choices parents and students should consider all of the factors above.

Ready to Choose Options Now

Where there is doubt as to the choice of subjects then; the teacher of a subject may be consulted or the Head of Department for a subject.

Any difficulties or further need for advice should be referred to the Dean.

Advice as to the relationship between careers and subject choice should be referred to the Careers Adviser.

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