Vocational Programmes

Liston College offers a range of vocational opportunities for boys, both those of an academic bent and those more practically inclined. Our focus is to have all school leavers move to employment or higher education.

Courses under the umbrella of Vocational programmes provides students the opportunities to take vocational subjects at school and in many cases participate in vocational education and training at various Auckland tertiary providers as well as in the workplace (depending on course chosen).

Students choosing one or more vocational based courses and undertaking vocational training (Gateway and/ or STAR courses) whilst at school will:    

  •          earn credits towards their NCEA qualification
  •          earn credits towards National Certificates eg apprenticeship training qualifications
  •         enhance their entry into tertiary courses / programmes on leaving school
  •          develop practical skills and undertake real workplace experiences

While the credits from these course contribute towards NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3, they are not University Approved Subjects and do not count towards University Entrance qualifications.

Click on this link to see Approved subjects for University Entrance