The Japanese Language programme introduces students to a totally different way of thinking from that to which speakers of English and European languages are accustomed to. Collaborative classroom activities assist with the acquisition of the Japanese writing system, verbal and non-verbal communication and Japanese culture. The understanding of a language and culture outside of the European sphere will benefit the student who wishes to "think globally".

New Zealand and Japan have a strong-knitted relationship for many years. Japan has been a long-term trading partner for New Zealand. Sport and culture exchanges are constantly taking place in the national and local levels. Many young New Zealanders are fascinated by the Japanese traditional and modern culture, from Ninja to Pokemon. New Zealanders will have more interactions with Japanese people in the next 5 years, as Rugby World Cup will take place in Japan in 2019 and Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Proficiency in Japanese language and knowledge of the culture will be a strong asset for New Zealanders now and in coming years.


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MEXT Scholarship


Working in Japan as an English Language Assistant or Culture/Sports Coordinator JET Programme (click on image to obtain more information)