Japanese Year 9

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss K. Takeda

Recommended Prior Learning

Open Entry

Japanese at Year 9 continues to develops the skills of speaking and listening, with students being expected to create their own dialogues. The work builds on the topics introduced in Year 8, such as Self-introduction, likes and dislikes, hobbies and food. There is one research assignment on an aspect of Japanese life and culture. Students will continue to develop their reading and writing skills learning to read and write the hiragana scripts.

By the end of the Year 9 course, Students will be able to;
• greet and farewell people appropriately.
• introduce yourself and your friends. (Name, age, nationality, where you live, telephone number, birthday, likes and dislikes, hobbies, etc.)
• say the time, days of the week, months and dates.
• use the numbers 0 to 100.
• apologize and thank someone.
• understand classroom instructions.
• recognize and talk about when and where activities take place.
• talk about likes and dislikes – food, sports, leisure and school subjects
• issue and accept invitations.
• talk about a day out.
• go shopping in Japanese.
• identify the main islands and six cities in Japan.
• say something about life in Japan.
• read and write Hiragana and some Kanji

Course Standards
9JAP001 Speaking
9JAP002 Listening
9JAP003 Reading
9JAP004 Writing

Course Overview

Term 1
• pronounce all the Japanese syllables correctly
• Read and write all Hiragana
• Read and write the words and sentences they learn in Hiragana and some Kanji.
• Greet and farewell appropriately
• Say their name, age, year level, where they come from, and birthday
• Say the numbers 1-99.
• Understand some simple questions
• Make a short self-introduction in Japanese
• Say and write four islands’ name and major cities of Japan
• Talk about Setsubun Festival and Girls’ Festival

Term 2
• Ask questions about family
• Understand and respond to questions about their family
• Understand and follow basic classroom instructions in Japanese
• Ask and tell time
• Ask and tell months
• Write months in kanji
• Talk about kanji – Chinese characters
• Talk about Flower viewing and Children’s Day
• Enjoy the Japanese movie

Term 3
• Talk about hobbies: tell when, where and what leisure activities you do
• Ask about others’ way of spending their spare time
• Ask and tell about diet
• Ask and tell about school subjects
• Ask and tell what they like and dislike
• Talk about sports and leisure in Japan
• Talk about religion in Japan
• Talk about Japanese animations

Term 4
• Talk about their day out – where they are going, when they are going, how they are going and what they do there
• Ask questions to find about their friends’ day out
• Make a comparison of cultures between countries
• Talk about similarities and differences between Japan, New Zealand and other countries


Japanese Year 10

Case Manager, Diplomat, Event Management, Flight Attendant, Foreign Policy Officer, Historian, Immigration Officer, Intelligence Officer, International Business, Interpreter, Journalist, Media, Private Teacher/Tutor, Secondary School Teacher, Tertiary Lecturer, Tourism, Tour Guide, Translator, Travel Agent/Advisor, Workplace Relations Adviser