Te Reo Year 9

Course Description

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Year 9 Te Reo Māori

The Year 9 Te Reo Māori course will cover aspects of both the language (Te Reo) and Māori customs (Tikanga). Students will explore Te Reo Māori me ngā Tikanga in both modern and traditional contexts, as well as experience a range of Māori learning opportunities through games, songs, history, arts and crafts, and field trips. 

Learning will also involve students developing their competence using four key language skills in a wide range of settings and situations. The skills are; whakarongo (listening), kōrero (speaking / presenting), pānui (reading / viewing) and tuhituhi (writing).

This course will help students to develop an awareness and appreciation of Te Reo Māori me ngā Tikanga, and its unique significance in Aotearoa.

A variety of delivery modes may be used, including direct teaching, Online Learning, and Education Perfect

in 2021, Te Reo will be offered as a half year option in order to increase the amount of students who can have access to this course selection.