Japanese Level 2

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss K. Takeda

This course builds on the skills and knowledge that has been learned in previous years. More advanced language is learned for each function. The topics covered are: family and school life in Japan.

Course Overview

Term 1
• Say what you do as
preparation for future events
• Say the purpose of what you do
• Say what you like/don’t like doing
• Say what you want to try
• Ask someone to do something for you
• Explain what to do something
• Give directions and instructions
• Talk about your daily routine
• Say what you are able to do
• Say you have finished doing something
• Say you regret about what you have done

Term 2
• Say when you do things
• Ask about, express probability and uncertainty
• Talk about your experience
• Make comparison
• Express the conditional
• Giving and Receiving
• Express limitation
• Express occasional events/activities

Term 3
• Say not to do something
• Say when and what you do
• Say what people say
• Comment about future events/activities
• Say what you think
• Express stages of action
• Report what someone has said or written
• Describing more detail of people, objects, events and activities
• Express intention
• Express probability and uncertainty

Term 4
 Compare and contrast people, places and things
 Describe people, places, things and experiences
 Recognise and respond to descriptions of how something is done
 Describe how something is done
 Recognise, ask about and express purpose
 Recognise and respond to descriptions of a sequence of activities and events
 Describe activities and events in sequence
 Report what someone said or wrote
 Recognise gift-giving conventions, including the use of formal, polite language
 Recognise, ask about, and express probability and uncertainty


Japanese Level 3

Recommended Prior Learning

Achievement of: 13 credits in Level 1 Japanese, including passes in 1.4 (Reading) and 1.5 (Writing)

Credit Information
Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits UE Literacy Credits Numeracy Credits
A.S. 91133 v3 Japanese 2.1 - Demonstrate understanding of a variety of spoken Japanese texts on familiar matters
A.S. 91134 v2 Japanese 2.3 - Interact using spoken Japanese to share information and justify ideas and opinions in different situations
A.S. 91135 v2 Japanese 2.2 - Give a spoken presentation in Japanese that communicates information, ideas and opinions
A.S. 91136 v3 Japanese 2.4 - Demonstrate understanding of a variety of written and/or visual Japanese text(s) on familiar matters
A.S. 91137 v2 Japanese 2.5 - Write a variety of text types in Japanese to convey information, ideas, and opinions in genuine contexts
Total Credits

Total Credits Available: 24 credits.
Externally Assessed Credits: 10 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 14 credits.

Pathway Tags

Case Manager, Diplomat, Event Management, Flight Attendant, Foreign Policy Officer, Historian, Immigration Officer, Intelligence Officer, International Business, Interpreter, Journalist, Media, Private Teacher/Tutor, Secondary School Teacher, Tertiary Lecturer, Tourism, Tour Guide, Translator, Travel Agent/Adviser, Workplace Relations Adviser

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