Help with your Options

Further information to help you choose School Subjects

1. This Careers NZ guide will help you choose which NCEA subjects to take in your next school year.

2. To build the right foundations for your future you need to make good subject choices throughout your secondary school. This AUT tool will help you with those confusing choices.

3. Subject Matcher will give you job ideas based on the subjects you enjoy or are interested in.

4. No Major Drama will help you create your own ranking of major subject areas based on your skills and interests.

5. University of Auckland's Guide to choosing school subjects whether you're in Year 10 or 13 it's important to know the subjects you will need to take to study at university. The main thing to remember is to keep your options open.  

Other useful resources:

6. Subject Selection Action Plan -  You can use this plan to help you decide which subjects to take in your next school year.

7. Liston College Careers website - Head here for more careers resources click here 


The Liston Careers website has some helpful resources on Subject Selection.