Technology Year 10

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr P. Nyberg

Students will be expected to demonstrate “technological practice” within a wide range of technological areas. The programme of study will essentially cover a range of Materials eg Wood, Plastics and Metals and the processes required to manipulate, shape and join / assemble them. Students are expected to explore problems, issues and situations and be able to research, design, model and test their solutions towards a final product or prototype. They will be instructed in basic graphic and practical skills and encouraged to be creative and innovative, all of which will form the foundation blocks for the essential elements of Level 1 NCEA and those wanting to take trade related courses in Level 1 Building and Construction or Mechanical Engineering. 

Recommended Prior Learning

Open Entry

This subject:
Leads to Technology, Levels 1-3
or Unit Standard courses in Construction / Furniture Making.
A wide variety of University / Tertiary and Trade Apprenticeships


Career Pathways

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