The Technology and Digital Technology curriculum areas give students an opportunity to pursue an extremely diverse academic and/or vocational pathway. The over-arching focus is one of skills, research, design thinking and practical work. Both Digital Technology and Technology are vital in the 21st Century world economy and it is why this curriculum area has become mandatory for Intermediate and Junior students at Liston College. 

For Digital Technology, the pathways allow a student to pursue areas such as computational thinking, designing and developing digital outcomes for a variety of real-world needs as well as some basic computer confulence and programming skills.

For Technology, the pathways allow a student to follow courses in individual subjects or as a combination. The subjects currently on offer are:-

  • Hard Materials Technology
  • Design and Visual Communication
  • Building and Construction/Carpentry
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology (Metals)

Success in Level 3 Achievement Standards can lead to careers in Architecture, Engineering, Industrial Design, Product Design, Media Design, etc.

Success in Level 2 Unit Standards and their associated Industrial Trade Organisation qualifications enables students to be work-ready and gain Apprenticeships in Construction and Engineering Industries.

Automotive Electrician, Aeronautical Engineer, Agricultural Engineer, Air Force Airman/Airwoman, Air Force Officer, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Architect, Architectural Technician, Army Officer, Army Soldier, Automotive Mechanic, Bicycle Mechanic, Biomedical Technician (Mechanical and Electronic), Boat Builder, Boiler Attendant, Bricklayer, Building and Construction Labourer, Building and Construction Manager, Building Contractor, Building Inspector, Building Insulator, Cabinet Maker, Carpenter, Civil Engineering Technician/Draughtsperson, Construction and Infrastructure, Driller, Electrician, Electronics Trades Worker, Energy and Chemical Plant Operator, Engineering Machinist, Exhibition Technician, Fabrication Engineer, Farm Worker, Fencer, Floor and Wall Tiler, Floor Covering Installer, Forklift Operator, Furniture Finisher, Gasfitter and drainlayer, Glass Processor, Glazier, Graphic Designer, Graphic Pre-Press Worker, Gunsmith, Heavy Truck Driver, Industrial Designer, Industrial Spray Painter, Interior Designer, Joiner, Landscape Architect, Lift Technician, Light Technician, Line Mechanic, Locksmith, Marine Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineering Technician, Metal Worker, Naval Architect/Boat Designer, Navy Officer, Navy Sailor, Painter and Decorator, Panelbeater, Picture Framer, Plasterer, Plastics Technician, Plastics Worker, Plumber, Product Assembler, Pulp and Paper Mill Operator, Quantity Surveyor, Refrigeration/Air-conditioning Technician, Roofer, Saw Doctor, Scaffolder, Secondary School Teacher, Signmaker, Stonemason, Surveyor, Technical Writer, Tertiary Lecturer, Toolmaker, Train Driver, Tyre Technician, Vehicle Body Builder/Trimmer, Vehicle Painter, Visual Merchandiser, Welder, Wood Machinist, Wood Processing Worker,