Materials Engineering

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr P. Nyberg

This is course operates over a two-year period and students can start it at Year 11 or Year 12.  The intention of the course is to expose students to a range of vocational pathways and trades available to them and help students make informed decisions regarding possible career paths.

Materials Engineering is a practical hands-on multidisciplinary course.  The course will use materials selected from a range of different ITO's (Industry Training Organisations) and will introduce students to Carpentry, Joinery, Construction, and Mechanical Engineering trades. Plumbing and Electrical trades will also be covered as time allows.   However, these will be theoretical only.   

Students will complete a range of practical projects and associated folder work which will include activity sheets and related information on tools, machinery, and safety issues essential to achieving the selected Unit Standards. Students will produce and maintain a portfolio of completed theory and practical work which can be shown to prospective employers.

This is not a University Approved Course.


Career Pathways