Music Year 8

Course Description

Did you know that music and other performing arts are the only activities which access all of the memory banks simultaneously, actually exercising the entire brain at once?  Music has proven to be an experience which increases your ability to learn! The Year 8 Music course is an option in which you will study as part of the option programme for a period of approximately twenty weeks for six one hour periods over a 10 day timetable cycle.  In this course the concepts of music are developed through performance, composition and music knowledge. The Year 8 course is designed to give you an appreciation of music and will prepare you for the year 9 course which then leads on to the Year 10-13 courses. 

 You will learn:

  • Basic guitar skills including reading tab, picking and strumming.
  • Basic musical knowledge - this includes: theory, styles and listening skills
  • How to create a piece of original music on “Bandlab”
  • How to read sheet music and play a piece of music as a group


  • 8.1 Demonstrate knowledge of music 
  • 8.2 Perform music 
  • 8.3 Create an original piece of music