Religious Studies Level 1

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Teacher in Charge: Ms R. McGregor

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Students are taken into a wider world of Christian history, belief, responsibility and commitment.This course contains topics on Understanding the Gospel Story, The Reformation and The Trinity. They all set the foundations of scripture, history and belief which enables an introductory understanding of the Catholic Church.  

Course Overview

Term 1
Understanding the Gospel Story
Everyone has a story but who is the storyteller? Jesus had four all telling different aspects of his life and ministry. Which ones are correct? Which ones are bias? Do you know?

Term 2
The Reformation
Tales of plagues, corruption and "sticking it to the man" surround the Medieval Catholic Church. Only a few have the strength to fight the hierarchy and change the Church forever, find out who.

Term 3
The Trinity
Just imagine being the father, your own son and a bird all at the same time. Let your mind be blown by trying to figure out how one is three and three is one all at the same time.‚Äč Try and figure this mystery out if you dare.

Term 4
Final reflections on Level 1 content.

Learning Areas:

Religious Education


English Level 2, History Level 2, Religious Studies Level 2

Career Pathways

Policy Analyst, Probation Officer, Youth Worker, Recruitment Consultant, Secondary School Teacher, Social Worker, Telemarketer, Counsellor, Marketing Specialist, Case Manager, Minister of Religion, Data Analyst, Psychologist, Communications Professional, Community Development Worker, Event Manager, Corrections Officer, Sales Representative, Diversional Therapist, Copywriter, Sales and Marketing Manager, Foreign Policy Officer, Early Childhood Teacher, Human Resources Adviser, Primary School Teacher