Digital Technology Year 9

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr P. Nyberg

This course focuses on Digital Computing Technologies and may include any of the following components in combination with one another.

1. Digital Citizenship / Digital Media
An introduction to the managing and protection of data on digital platforms. Here Students will explore communication through the use of a digital media outcome (Print Media) through:

  • Analysing and using design techniques to produce an outcome
  • Understanding and apply ethical practice to outcome/s
  • Developing and ensure appropriate functionality of outcome/s

2. Integration
Students will learn how to manipulate and combine information from various sources to create a merged document, using a number of Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, Access). Students will be able to:

  • Design and build a fully functioning database
  • Extract data from Excel and Access in appropriate formats
  • Merge information a from various sources
  • Apply appropriate formatting procedures.

3. Robotics / Computer Programming
Students will be able to develop basic computer programming skills using a number of coding applications, based on Robotics. Students will be able to:

  • Understand present day the relationships between human and robots
  • Through coding, learn to control a robot with precise instructions.
  • By using robotic technology, solve problem(s) through designing and creating solutions .

4. Web Design
Students will learn the basics of web design and apply these skills to design and create a basic, but fully functioning site (using Weebly), through:

  • Using planning techniques, develop a solution
  • Using accepted design techniques and elements, produce a website
  • Through coding, ensure the appropriate functionality of the website

Recommended Prior Learning

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