The University of Auckland Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for school leavers

1. Programme Requirements

To gain entry into an undergraduate programme at the University of Auckland, you will need to meet programme entry requirements. These can require you to have taken specific subjects and gained minimum credits in certain subjects. Some programmes have other requirements such as a portfolio, audition and/or interview. 

There are no longer any Table A and B subject requirements.

2. Rank Score 

In addition, you will need to gain a certain rank score. This is higher for more competitive programmes. 

This is based on your best 80 credits at Level 3 or higher over a maximum of five university approved subjects. These credits are then weighted by awarding points for each credit based on the level of achievement — Excellence (4 points), Merit (3 points) or Achieved (2 points).

A maximum of 24 credits are counted for each approved subject. The maximum rank score is 320. Approved subjects are determined by NZQA. If you achieve less than 80 credits, the rank score will be based on your total Level 3 credits gained over a maximum of five approved subjects and weighted by the level of achievement.

Credits obtained in required subjects do not have to be among the best 80 credits used to calculate the rank score.

NCEA Level 3 credits achieved before Year 13 can be counted towards the 80 best credits used for ranking.

Rank Score Calculator

NCEA rank scores required are listed here and are updated each year (scroll down to find these). Click here: Rank Scores Required

3. Academic English Requirements

For entry to The University of Auckland, you will need 17 credits at Level 2 or 3 in English or completion of an approved academic English language course in your first year while studying at university. Click here: Academic English Language Requirements