Vocational Pathways

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How do the Vocational Pathways work at Liston College?

The Vocational Pathways are a new tool that provides a clear framework for study and vocational options, support careers advice, and improve the links between education and employment.

Vocational Pathways are a way of looking at the subjects students are taking / looking at taking, at school and seeing where they may lead to in the future: either in training / tertiary study or the workforce. They provide new ways to achieve NCEA Level 2, the foundation for success for future education and careers

Most of the NCEA Level 1, 2 and 3 standards currently offered at Liston College fit within this framework and align to one or more of these pathways.

There are two ways students can see visually the alignment Vocational Pathways to their studies:

  • How their proposed option choice aligns (scroll to the bottom of each course to see this coloured bar) 

  • How the results of their studies to date align (NCEA Results sheet)

Plan your pathway 

Vocational Pathways provides tools so you can develop a career map and plan what you may need to study to meet your goal and move into further study or the workforce.

 Vocational Pathways Profile & Award 

The Vocational Pathways provide new ways to achieve NCEA Level 2. These pathways will let you see how learning and achievement will be valued in the workplace.  They will also suggest the types of study options and jobs opportunities available to learners.Employers will be able to see learner strengths, abilities, interests and achievements when they look at the Vocational Pathways information.

Detailed information about the Vocational Pathways can be found here.  Assessment support materials are available for unit standards and achievement standards.

Vocational Pathways Profile

The Vocational Pathways Profile is a visual graph that shows learners' achievement against the Vocational Pathways. A learner will be able to see their progress and identify where they need to raise their level of achievement. This will help learners when planning their courses for the following year.  Learners will be able to check that their course selections provide the pathways they need to achieve their goals.

  • Learners can see their Vocational Pathways Profile whenever they login.
  • Learners can also use the Profile Builder to plan a Vocational Pathway.

Vocational Pathways Award

To achieve the Vocational Pathways Award, a learner must:

  • achieve NCEA Level 2 which includes literacy (10 credits) and numeracy (10 credits) at Level 1 or above, and
  • achieve 60 x Level 2 credits from the Recommended Assessment Standards for a Vocational Pathways, including 20 x Level 2 credits from Sector-Related Standards for the same sector. Credits from the Recommended Assessment Standards and Sector-Related Standards must come from the same Vocational Pathway e.g Primary Industries.

A learner can achieve more than one Vocational Pathways Award if they complete more than one Vocational Pathway.

A learner can see any Vocational Pathways Award they have achieved through the learner login.  Achievement is recorded on the learner's Record of Achievement.

Q&A: How does NCEA Level 2 compare with a Vocational Pathways Award?

To achieve NCEA Level 2, you need:

  • literacy (10 credits) and numeracy (10 credits) at Level 1 or above; and 
  • 60 credits at Level 2.

To achieve a Vocational Pathways Award (in a particular sector), you need:

  • NCEA Level 2 AND
  • 60 Level 2 credits from the Recommended Assessment Standards for a particular Vocational Pathways sector e.g Primary Industries, including 20 Level 2 credits from Sector-Related Standards for the same sector e.g Primary Industries.